Internet of Things

Ho sempre visto la scienza e la tecnologia come unica via per innovare e migliorare la vita di tutti noi.

Ho concentrato il mio percorso accademico nel dominio Internet of Things e Smart Cities, lavorando a diverse progetti. Qui ne trovi alcuni.

Hackmytown: an Educational Experience on Smart Cities

This paper describes the preparation and the execution of an educational experience consisting of a challenge, called Hackmytown, among five different teams composed by university students, aimed at experiencing challenges in the definition of “smart” services for a city. Glurns/Glorenza, the smallest city of South Tirol (Italy), was chosen as the ideal location to verify the application of the concept of Smart City in a small community by adopting a bottom-up approach involving local stakeholders and Municipality.

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Design and Implementation of an IoT/LPWAN Architecture based on LoRa

LPWAN technology plays a crucial role in IoT applications that require scalable sensor networks with strict constraints on energy consumption. This work is focused on the development of an IoT/LPWAN architecture based on LoRa/LoRaWAN, a leading LPWAN technology for large-scale IoT deployment. This prototype is a preliminary study towards the creation of a communication backbone for the IoT Field-Control project, an IoT platform for processing sensor data in urban areas developed by Liguria Digitale in collaboration with DIBRIS.

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